I have often stood in awe at the beauty of the human body, especially that of the female body. It is beauty that at once inspires and saddens, for it awakens in me the consciousness of the emptiness of life without fullfillment. Can such paintings help us to overcome the contradiction of the duality of our state of body and soul? The answer is in the Bible: "How beautiful is man, oh Lord, in wisdom you have created him". We are beautiful because we are made in Godsī image, if only we were more willing to discovery the beauty within us and in others! As in the landscapes the nudes offer us an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the paradise lost that we so yearn for.

Michael Fuchs on "The Nude"

Aside from his obvious talent and ability in so many disciplines, Michael's art touches me on a very personal level. Being a woman, this is especially true in his portrayal of the feminine form. His nudes demonstrate an appreciation, respect and reverence for women that are rare and refreshing in these times. He has enabled me to appreciate and enjoy the female body and indeed my own femininity in a way that was not possible before.

Kim Bolton