The romantic landscape or "passage ideal" has always been a symbol for man´s desires and hopes. I like to paint a landscape in such a way as to evoke in the beholder the feeling that he is flying above it, not too high, just high enough to grasp the completeness of the space he is in. The elements of the landscapes are symbols, which tell stories and often have meanings of a transcendental nature. A tree can symbolize life, water often means purification, whereas a mountain alludes to the Divine. For me a landscape is, as it was for Casper David Friedrich, Arnold Böcklin and Andrew Wyeth, a sacred space, a ladder to the heavens.

Michael Fuchs on "The Landscape"

For me the beauty of Michael Fuchs landscapes is, he allows me not only to view them, but to experience them. I find myself reflecting on the spiritual tranquility of the "The Lake," and become closer to my spiritual center at the top of "The Mountain." As I explore "A Coastal Landscape," I feel the powerful force of nature, and I feel the curiosity of a child as I explore "The Barn." When you view these maginficent works of art, you too will find your own intimate experience.

Kim Bolton